Dick To Dick

This video starts out right away as an act of revenge. The one dude says he wants to make this video of him fucking a dude so his ex will see it and get jealous. I don't know for sure what the ex thought but this video is hot enough to make any ex jealous. Both these dudes are so fucking cute and they have great bodies. This fuck scene begins in a bed and ends in a bed. Sometimes it is the best and most erotic place to fuck! Before the fucking begins, however, there is a hot cock sucking scene that is enough to make any cock stand to attention. The soon-to-be bottom bitch eats a cock like no other. Taking the fleshy phallus into his mouth until he is practically gagging on it. But he doesn't gag. Seems nothing can deter his motivation for cock sucking. And just when you think no other hole can do better...next at "cock" is his hungry manhole! This bottom put the "power" into the phrase power bottom. He jumps on his current fuck stick like a jockey at a horse race. And rides that cock like it's a horse. Bouncing up and down and moaning the whole time. Seems like he can't get that cock far enough up his man hole. Apparently this cock needed a good ridin' cuz after the bouncing bottom hops of his fuck stick this big cock shoots cum out like a geyser! Old glory has nothing on this throbbing cock! Check this shit out, you will not be disappointed!

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