Official Str8 Chaser scenes – Reality dudes

Every Straight man has his price! We have recruited experts in the art of gay conversion to seek out young hot guys that are strapped for cash and we test their limits by offering them money to get them to fuck. We find our guys in parks, college campuses, outside of gyms and everywhere in between. Some guys are harder to convince than others but these broke guys always break when they see the money! Check these hot straight jocks out as they suck cock and get fucked for the first time!

Str8 chaser

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Jay Tee
February 16, 2018 29,614 views
January 26, 2018 67,820 views
January 19, 2018 39,038 views
December 29, 2017 49,332 views
October 20, 2017 104,448 views
September 29, 2017 38,767 views
September 15, 2017 25,717 views
August 11, 2017 15,935 views
July 14, 2017 18,822 views
March 24, 2017 14,354 views
March 20, 2017 18,703 views
March 17, 2017 27,009 views
March 13, 2017 22,542 views
March 10, 2017 12,548 views
February 24, 2017 19,737 views
Official Dick Dorm scenes – Reality dudes

College is the time to experiment with your surroundings and let your inhibitions roam. Not all inhibitions roam to the gay side but there is a large number of dudes that are curious. It is this population of curious straight dudes that make college so fun. If you are lucky enough to seduce even one straight you, then you have succeeded in higher education. All of our dickdorm videos are 100% amateur and shot only by other college boys. So if you never fucked your college roomie or you did and you want to relive it, check us out. The college cocks in these videos are hard and eager for any willing hole they can find. And in these dorm rooms, there are plenty of holes to pick from.

Dick dorm

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Dick Surprise
February 9, 2018 39,182 views
Playing Games
January 5, 2018 41,236 views
Fuck My Box
December 15, 2017 62,059 views
Double Stacked
September 1, 2017 23,821 views
Simon Says
August 4, 2017 26,889 views
Train Fuck
July 7, 2017 20,068 views
Spit Roasted
June 9, 2017 19,206 views
May 19, 2017 20,999 views
Bottle That Ass
February 27, 2017 18,874 views
Fuck Him Until He Cums
February 20, 2017 22,989 views
Ladder Fuck
January 23, 2017 12,460 views
Fuck His Muscle Ass
January 20, 2017 30,742 views
Filthy Mouth
January 9, 2017 15,713 views
How We Do
January 2, 2017 13,636 views
Chill N' Drill
December 26, 2016 10,424 views
Official Reality Thugs scenes – Reality dudes

We have traveled to the backstreets of Atlanta, New York and LA to find you the hottest thugs and we're always on the lookout for the biggest roughest fuckers. If you like your dudes with their pants sagging, hat cocked to the side and a bad attitude then you've come to the right place. Watch now as these horsehung thugs prime each other's thick asses before delivering a hard pounding.

Reality thugs

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Official Boys First Time scenes – Reality dudes

If you don't remember your very first time then is exactly what your cock needs. These teen boys are not only virgins but they are hot as fuck. Only the cutest and sexiest of boys are getting their cherries popped here. Cum watch as 19-year-old boys suck their first cock and then watch as they struggle to get their tight, virgin holes around hard, throbbing cocks. These boys moan and groan as they handle, for the very first time, the pain mixed with pleasure that is ass fucking. Watch as their faces twinge in pain and then give away to moans of pure anal bliss. The tops are gung and the virgins are eager to be fucked into submission. Cum check out the hottest teen boys online.

Boys first time

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Nice To Do You
August 21, 2015 7,803 views
Dirty Scotty
August 14, 2015 14,674 views
Doing Good Things
August 7, 2015 7,270 views
Do It Hard
July 31, 2015 6,513 views
Double Rub
July 24, 2015 4,763 views
Long And Hard
July 17, 2015 3,202 views
Late Cummer
July 10, 2015 8,450 views
Kiss It
July 3, 2015 5,533 views
Hard For Tyler
June 26, 2015 9,070 views
Bone Jones
June 19, 2015 3,424 views
When The Pants Drop
June 12, 2015 3,552 views
Teasing And Pleasing
June 5, 2015 9,396 views
Dong Alert
May 29, 2015 3,637 views
Good Blow
May 22, 2015 2,621 views
Keep It Cumming
May 15, 2015 2,313 views
Official Gay Revenge scenes – Reality dudes

Revenge is not something most people would associate with anything sexual. Revenge fucking, however, has changed that old school thought. Dudes from all over the country send in actual self-shot videos of them sucking or fucking anyone that might piss off their ex boyfriends. And when we say anyone, anyone is exactly the truth. It doesn't matter if the dude they fuck with is their ex's younger brother or even his dad. The only thing that matters is revenge. And our videos are filled with hot dudes that have no boundaries and are only concerned with cock, ass and revenge.

Gay revenge

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Penis Pumper
January 15, 2015 9,014 views
So Long
November 13, 2014 5,332 views
Cock Crush
June 19, 2014 9,121 views
Doing Drake
May 22, 2014 8,666 views
Take It All In
April 24, 2014 3,948 views
So Good
March 20, 2014 6,543 views
Longer And Stronger
February 20, 2014 2,756 views
Dose Of Dick
January 16, 2014 3,729 views
Double Dicks
December 19, 2013 4,729 views
Booty Partners
November 14, 2013 4,534 views
Phat Chance
October 17, 2013 2,297 views
Naughty Nico
September 19, 2013 6,768 views
Penis Love
August 22, 2013 3,478 views
Long And Hard
July 18, 2013 4,795 views
Pleasure Pole
June 6, 2013 2,282 views
Official Papi scenes – Reality dudes

If you've never been with a Latino man then you are missing out on an incredible experience. Hispanic men are not only extremely attractive but they redefine the act of sex. They say once you go Black, you never go back but once you go Hispanic, you’ll never be manic. These sultry men don’t just fuck to get themselves off. These dudes fuck the pleasure into their bottoms. No dude on Papi is satisfied until his hot bottom is completely and utterly fucked open and panting with exhaustion. Check out the largest Hispanic porn site online and see 100s of thick, uncut papi cock.


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Cock And Ballin
April 28, 2008 4,481 views
Testicle Seduction
February 14, 2008 7,822 views
Bondage Boys
January 28, 2008 4,522 views
Well Hung
January 14, 2008 4,987 views
Kiss The Rear Goodbye
December 31, 2007 2,434 views
Papi Rock
December 18, 2007 1,755 views
Hunka Dunk
December 3, 2007 5,349 views
Sweet Meat
November 19, 2007 1,417 views
All Night Affair
November 5, 2007 3,407 views
Juicy Jacuzzi
October 22, 2007 2,957 views
Gargle My Nuts
October 8, 2007 3,539 views
Heiney Lick Manuever
September 24, 2007 3,831 views
Nite At The Cockbury
September 10, 2007 2,521 views
Take It Like A Man
August 27, 2007 3,328 views
Poolside Peepshow
August 13, 2007 1,600 views
Official Reality Dudes scenes – Reality dudes

These guys take big chances in the riskiest of places and enjoy filming themselves while they're at it. The more public the setting the greater the thrill. It usually starts with a glance of a stranger's bulge or nice ass. This site delivers hot and horny guys fucking from backdoor alleys to mountain tops. They try not to get caught with their cocks out but that doesn't stop us from showing you when they do!

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